What is The Bestiary Project?
It’s several things, actually. In the case of this blog, it’s an attempt to put together a collection of magical creatures, many of which are not well known. It shares a title with an item in a book I may eventually write. It is to entertain and inspire others, and to take a

Where is this information coming from?
I’m not the first person to make a bestiary, and I like to read fairy tales and myths. If I come across something weird and wonderful in one of those sources, I look for another source, and if possible, several. Because things tend to change over time and retelling, and also with the whims of whatever culture is telling the story over again, I look to see what is consistent between the accounts. Sometimes I can track down the original mention of a creature, and I’ll use information found there.

I found something that looks wrong in an entry. Can you fix it?
Can’t hurt to ask. I’ll take a look at it, so long as you have something with more substance than a D&D description, and if it holds up I will edit my entry accordingly.

According to ____, you’re wrong. Can you fix it?
As I said in the last question, I’ll need to check your sources and see if they hold water as source material. If it’s coming from Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, or in any other major modern media, I’m not going to alter my entries to fit. The creators of those worlds have every right to draw inspiration from myth, legend, and fairy tale, but that does not mean their version is the definitive one. The goal of this Bestiary Project is to bring to light the older version of these creatures as well as to bring lesser-known ones to light. To use modern versions would defeat the purpose.

Yeah, but the Pegacorn, and the Lupogriff–

For a wide variety of reasons, including “both of those are modern” and “both of those are stupid,” no.

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